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skin improvement and skin rejuvenation

Treatments for skin problems and skin aging:
 • scars removal 
• age spots removal
• pigment spots removal 
• smoking skin repair

Exfoliation treatment: Active resurface 35 by Dermalogica

The top skin layer and dead skin cells are gently removed with mild fruit acids and enzymes. As a result, your skin is stimulated to create new cells.
course (6 treatments) € 349,- 

Mesotherapy: the most natural form of anti-aging

The older skin has an increasing shortage of hayluronzuur, the substance that keeps your skin taut and firm. Mesotherapy fills this shortage; with the mesoroller (without needles)active substances  are inserted in the skin.
1 treatment € 85,-

Microneedling with the Dermica Pen 

The latest development in the field of skin improvement and skin rejuvenation is the Dermica Pen: an electronic pen with microneedles. It enables the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Increased capacity of introduction of product applied, resulting in a visible and faster skin rejuvenation effect.
€ 60 per facial zone, € 140, all face, face plus neck € 155,-



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